IntAct is a database of molecular interactions, in particular protein-protein interactions. The data in IntAct are obtained from the scientific literature or from direct data submissions by expert curators following a detailed annotation model(2). The annotation of these interaction data complies with international standards agreed between the majority of protein interaction databases (the IMEx Consortium).

You can search IntAct for the interaction partners of: a specific protein; a set of proteins; and/or a particular organism. IntAct provides the protein interactions together with information on which experimental methods were used to detect the interaction and a reference to the publication in which the interactions are described. Proteins in IntAct are mapped to UniProtKB accession numbers, so you can link from protein entries in IntAct straight to the UniProtKB summary page. Similarly, small molecules are linked to the corresponding ChEBI entry.

Figure 4 Searching IntAct.

For further information on using IntAct, complete the IntAct quick tour.