Proteomics resources at the EBI

This section will introduce you to the proteomics resources at the EBI: UniProtKBIntActReactome and PRIDE (Figure 2):

  • The UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) database contains protein sequences and information about the known biological functions (e.g ‘an ATP synthase’) of proteins (1)
  • The IntAct database contains information about protein interactions (2)
  • The Reactome database contains information about which roles proteins play in human biological pathways, and which processes they contribute to (3)
  • The PRIDE database contains experimental evidence of published protein and peptide identifications (4)
Figure 2. Association of data between UniProtKB, IntAct, Reactome and PRIDE.Experimental evidence can be analysed with UniProtKB to generate new protein identifications. The raw data is uploaded to PRIDE in support of the published results. Curated results demonstrating protein-protein interactions or evidence of association with a biological pathway are added to IntAct and Reactome respectively. All four databases use UniProt accession numbers as a standard method of referencing proteins.