PRIDE is a database of PRoteomics IDEntifications. It contains protein and peptide identifications (including details of post-translational modifications) together with the mass spectrometric evidence supporting these identifications. PRIDE acts as a repository for mass spectrometry data, specifically the fragment ion spectra used to identify peptide sequences (4). You can follow protein identifications back to their UniProtKB page using the UniProtKB accessions.

You can use PRIDE to find data that have been submitted in support of a piece of published work, or you can search across submissions for particular proteins of interest. Each identification carries with it a description of the experimental method used. PRIDE links the published work from the summary page using PubMed IDs. An increasing number of journals mandate deposition of data in PRIDE as part of the publication process, hence the quality of data in PRIDE broadly follows the protein identification standards required by journals. Most journals require the minimum level evidence specified by the ‘Philadelphia Guidelines’ (6) and fully described in the MIAPE guidelines.  

View an example PRIDE page by clicking on the  below:

Figure 6 Search the PRIDE Archive – this example shows results following the search ‘cancer’.

You can learn more about PRIDE on the PRIDE quick tour.