Event Date Sort ascending Location PDBe Representatives
EBI Structural Bioinformatics Course 2022 EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK David Armstrong
9th Electron Tomography Congress The Netherlands Jack Turner (delegate), Simone Weyand (delegate)
European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM) 33 Versailles, France David Armstrong, Deborah Harrus, Mihaly Varadi
European Crystallographic School 2022 Lisbon, Portugal Deborah Harrus
ELIXIR All-Hands meeting 2022 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Mihaly Varadi
EMBO Practical Course: Characterization of Macromolecular Complexes by Integrative Structural Biology EPN Campus, France Sameer Velankar (speaker), James Tolchard (speaker)
Local Biocuration Conference Wellcome Genome Campus Hinxton Simone Weyand (delegate)
CCP-EM Spring Symposium 2022 Nottingham EMCC and virtually Gerard Kleywegt (speaker), Andrii Iudin (delegate), Jack Turner (poster), Neli Fonseca (poster), Sanja Abbott (delegate), Simone Weyand (poster), Zhe Wang (poster), Amudha Duraisamy (delegate), Sameer Velankar (delegate)
Joy@JobCentre Ipswich Job Centre Deepti Gupta, Genevieve Evans, Preeti Choudhary
EMBL-EBI Bioinformatics Resources for Protein Biology Virtual Osman Salih (Trainer: EMDB & EMPIAR - Public Archiving of Cryo-EM Data), David Armstrong (Trainer)
Global BioImaging Webinar: Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR) Global BioImaging Gerard Kleywegt (Speaker), Matthew Hartley (Speaker)
CCP4 Study Weekend Virtual Gerard Kleywegt (Speaker: Whither Structural Biology?)
Diamond-CCP4 Data Collection and Structure Solution Workshop Virtual Sameer Velankar (Presentation: AlphaFold)
Workshop: Public Archiving of Volume-EM Data: Needs, Opportunities and Challenges Virtual Gerard Kleywegt
Helsinki University Masters course Virtual David Armstrong (Trainer)
University of Warwick Undergraduate Chemistry Course Virtual David Armstrong (Trainer)
PDB Asia 50 Anniversary Symposium - At the Cutting Edge of Structural Biology in Asia and Protein Data Bank's 50 Years of History Virtual Sameer Velankar (Presentation: A New Era in Structural Biology - The Impact of Structure Prediction Using AI Methods)
Protein Data Bank at 50: Accessing, Understanding, and Assessing PDB Data, Royal Society of Chemistry Virtual Presentation: Introduction to PDB validation and visulaisation, David Armstrong, Sameer Velankar , John Berrisford, Preeti Choudhary, James Tolchard (Speakers)
Protein Structure Determination in Industry (PSDI) Conference 2021 Virtual Mihaly Varadi
3D-Bioinfo Annual Meeting Virtual Sameer Velankar, Mihaly Varadi (Presentation: PDBe-KB, 3D-Beacons and AlphaFold DB)
Bringing Molecular Structure to Life: 50 Years of the PDB Virtual Sameer Velankar (Presentation: Making structural data accessible), PDBe Team (delegates)
The Third Annual Volumed EM Community Town Hall Meeting Virtual Gerard Kleywegt, Ardan Patwardhan (Speaker: EMPIAR - update & plans), Matthew Hartley (Speaker: The BioImage Archive)
EMDB and EMPIAR Virtual Osman Salih, Jack Turner, Gerard Kleywegt (Presenters)
EMBL-EBI Structural Bioinformatics Course Virtual Gerard Kleywegt (Speaker: Introduction to Structural Biology Data), David Armstrong (Organiser and Speaker), PDBe Team
Speciman Preparation Workflow Widget - Demo Virtual Sriram Somasundharam (Presenter)
PDB Art Exhibition 2021 Opening Event Virtual Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong, Sameer Velankar
Talk at University of Pavia, Italy Virtual Sameer Velankar (Presentation: A New Era in Structural Biology - The Impact of Structure Prediction Using AI Methods)
Norwegian AI Research Consortium Workshop Virtual Sameer Velankar (Presentation: AlphaFold Protein Structure Database)
25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Virtual Sameer Velankar (Speaker: PDBe-KB COVID-19 Data Portal - Supporting Rapid Coronavirus Research), Gerard Kleywegt (Speaker: Community Recommendations on Validating Cryo-EM Models and Data), Mihaly Varadi (Delegate), David Armstrong (Delegate)
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2021 Virtual Gerard Kleywegt (Speaker Image Archiving at EMBL-EBI - EMPIAR and the BioImage Archive)