Past events

Date People
29 March 2021 BCA and BACG Joint Spring Meeting 2021 Deborah Harrus
24 March 2021 VIZBI 2021 Sameer Velankar (Session chair), Gerard Kleywegt (Delegate)
03 February 2021 EMBL-EBI workshop: University of Pavia, 2021 (Virtual) David Armstrong, Deborah Harrus
07 January 2021 CCP4 Study Weekend - Lunchtime Byte Lukas Pravda, Deborah Harrus
06 January 2021 ASE conference 2021: Learning resources for protein structure & function David Armstrong
06 December 2020 EMBO Workshop: In situ Structural Biology - From Cryo-EM to Integrative Modelling Sameer Velankar (Delegate), Gerard Kleywegt (Delegate)
04 December 2020 PDB Art Exhibition 2020: Molecules of Life Opening Event Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong, Sameer Velankar
23 November 2020 EBI Structural Bioinformatics course (virtual) David Armstrong
14 October 2020 EBI Summer School in Bioinformatics (virtual) John Berrisford, David Armstrong
15 September 2020 PDBe API webinar series David Armstrong, John Berrisford, Nurul Nadzirin, Sreenath Nair, Lukas Pravda, Mandar Deshpande
09 September 2020 Reproducibility, Replicability and Trust in Science 2020 Gerard Kleywegt (Delegate)
03 September 2020 ECCB ELIXIR workshop - 3D-Bioinfo: Integrating structural and functional data to support in silico predictions in drug design Preeti Choudhary
27 May 2020 PDBe Graph Database webinar Sreenath Nair
24 March 2020 DevOps Pro Europe 2020 Stephen Anyango
24 March 2020 CCP4 Annual Review Sameer Velankar, John Berrisford
10 March 2020 Bioinformatics Resources for Protein Biology course David Armstrong, James Tolchard
24 February 2020 PDBe poster prize: joint Polish/German Crystallographic Meeting PDBe poster prize sponsorship
18 February 2020 PDBe and PDBe-KB graph database hackathon Mihaly Varadi, Sreenath Nair
13 February 2020 Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences Conference Mihaly Varadi
07 February 2020 Second Cryo-EM User Symposium Paul Korir, Sanja Abbott, Neli Fonseca
03 February 2020 5th Advanced in silico Drug Design workshop/challenge 2020 Lukas Pravda
23 January 2020 wwPDB EM validation meeting Sameer Velankar, Ardan Patwardhan, Gerard Kleywegt
20 January 2020 EMBL-wide Structural Biology Retreat Gerard Kleywegt, Sameer Velankar, John Berrisford, Mihaly Varadi, Paul Korir, Zhe Wang & Andrei Istrate
20 January 2020 EMBL - Deep Learning for Image Analysis Amudha Kumari Duraisamy
19 January 2020 CEM3DIP 2020: Single particle cryoEM of macromolecular-assemblies and cellular tomography Osman Salih (Speaker)
09 January 2020 EM-UK 2020 Gerard Kleywegt
07 January 2020 CCP4 study weekend John Berrisford, Sameer Velankar
12 December 2019 NMR Discussion Group meeting James Tolchard
25 November 2019 Astbury Instruct launch event James Tolchard
21 November 2019 BioExcel online training: PDBe-KB David Armstrong
18 November 2019 SuRVoS (Super Region Volume Segmentation) workbench seminar Amudha Kumari Duraisamy
12 November 2019 PDBe lecture and workshop at the University of Warwick David Armstrong
08 November 2019 Stephen Perse Foundation School visit PDBe Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong
04 November 2019 PDB Art exhibition at MRC-LMB Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong
04 November 2019 EMBL-EBI Predocs course John Berrisford, David Armstrong
24 October 2019 X-Ray Methods in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt - Speaker
24 October 2019 PDBe webinar as part of UniAndes course on bioinformatics David Armstrong, Matthew Conroy
23 October 2019 Saffron Walden County High School visit PDBe Deepti Gupta, Matthew Conroy
22 October 2019 Amira Training Course Amudha Kumari Duraisamy
19 October 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
10 October 2019 EBI Exploring Biological Sequence course David Armstrong
10 October 2019 CryoNet Symposium Andrii Iudin (speaker)
28 September 2019 Science at the Cathedral Preet Choudhary, Aleksandras Gutmanas, Andrei Istrate, Stephen Anyango, Typhaine Paysan-Lafosse
24 September 2019 RDKit User Group Meeting Lukas Pravda
23 September 2019 New Frontiers in Structure Based Drug Discovery Preeti Choudhary
20 September 2019 Patterns in Protein Sequence and Structure (Reloaded) Aleksandras Gutmanas, Mihay Varadi
19 September 2019 Structural Bioinformatics course in Latin America David Armstrong
16 September 2019 EBI Structural bioinformatics course Gerard Kleywegt, David Armstrong, Osman Salih, Deepti Gupta
10 September 2019 Art Exhibition: Molecules of Life Deepti Gupta
30 August 2019 Crystallographic Information Fiesta John Berrisford
18 August 2019 32nd European Crystallographic Meeting Sameer Velankar, David Armstrong, Lukas Pravda
16 August 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
06 August 2019 Introducing EBI and PDBe Matthew Conroy
25 July 2019 RAF Marham Families Day Matthew Conroy
21 July 2019 ISMB/ECCB 2019 Mihaly Varadi, Typhaine Paysan-Lafosse
20 July 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
17 July 2019 PDBe workshop in Brno John Berrisford
15 July 2019 RMS Crick EM Symposium Gerard Kleywegt, Paul Korir
15 July 2019 PDB art exhibition: Artworks Inspired by the Molecules of Life Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong
11 July 2019 South West Structural Biology Consortium meeting Sameer Velankar, David Armstrong
09 July 2019 CCP4 40th Anniversary Event Gerard Kleywegt, Sameer Velankar
08 July 2019 Integrative Structural Biology​ - EMBO Course Aleks Gutmanas
01 July 2019 International Summer School on Deep Learning Zhe Wang
01 July 2019 RMS Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 Gerard Kleywegt
17 June 2019 Elixir Excelerate All Hands Meeting Sameer Velankar, Mihaly Varadi
15 June 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
09 June 2019 Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy: Novel Techniques and Breakthroughs in 3DEM of Biological Structures Zhe Wang
22 May 2019 Instruct ERIC Structural Biology Conference David Armstrong, Paul Korir
30 April 2019 Bioinformatics resources for protein biology course Matthew Conroy, Deepti Gupta, Osman Salih
29 April 2019 CCP-EM Spring Symposium David Armstrong, Sanja Abbott, Andrii Iudin, Andrei Istrate, Gerard Kleywegt
16 April 2019 BCA Spring meeting 2019 Sameer Velankar, David Armstrong
16 April 2019 CCP-EM Icknield Model Building Workshop Osman Salih
10 April 2019 NMR DG Spring meeting James Tolchard
10 April 2019 ISPyB meeting John Berrisford
07 April 2019 Biocuration 2019 John Berrisford, Mihaly Varadi, Osman Salih, Aleks Gutmanas
05 April 2019 Bioinformatics tools for exploring protein biology Matthew Conroy
04 April 2019 UKQSAR Spring meeting Abhik Mukhopadhyay
03 April 2019 7th CAPRI evaluation meeting Sameer Velankar, Nurul Nadzirin
02 April 2019 Instruct - ERIC/CAPRI Workshop Gerard Kleywegt (Lecturer)
26 March 2019 A-level revision lecture DNA, proteins and amino acids Matthew Conroy
16 March 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
13 March 2019 Visualising Biological Data VIZBI 2019 Gerard Kleywegt, Mandar Deshpande
13 March 2019 Webinar: PDBe-KB Aggregated Views Mihaly Varadi
01 March 2019 Workshop: Working Towards Federating Structural Models and Data Sameer Velankar
27 February 2019 Bioinformatics resources for protein biology David Armstrong, Osman Salih, Matthew Conroy, James Tolchard
27 February 2019 Proteopedia meeting Mihaly Varadi
25 February 2019 Proteopedia meeting Mihaly Varadi
21 February 2019 EMBL-EBI workshop at the University of Pavia David Armstrong
16 February 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
08 February 2019 Teachers workshop in collaboration with CBM Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong, Sameer Velankar
06 February 2019 PDBe student workshop with CBM Deepti Gupta, David Armstrong
31 January 2019 Proteopedia meeting Aleks Gutmanas
19 January 2019 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
18 January 2019 Talk about Neo4j implementation at PDBe Sreenath Nair
14 January 2019 Frontiers in Cryo-EM Validation Gerard Kleywegt (co-organiser), Sameer Velankar, Ardan Patwardhan, Osman Salih, Zhe Wang
08 January 2019 CCP4 Study Weekend John Berrisford, David Armstrong
17 December 2018 BCA Biological Structures Group Winter meeting David Armstrong
15 December 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
12 December 2018 NMR Discussion Group meeting Aleks Gutmanas
06 December 2018 EMBL Hamburg EM Lecture Series Osman Salih
02 December 2018 Diamond-CCP4 Workshop 2019 John Berrisford
01 December 2018 Shonan meeting Sameer Velankar
17 November 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy, David Armstrong
15 November 2018 Exploring Biological Sequences - EBI training course David Armstrong
13 November 2018 PDB for chemists at University of Warwick David Armstrong
06 November 2018 PDBe workshop in Vienna David Armstrong
06 November 2018 Visit by Stephen Perse Foundation Deepti Gupta, Matthew Conroy
31 October 2018 ELIXIR User Community meeting on Intrinsically disordered proteins Aleks Gutmanas
29 October 2018 Machine Learning for Image Analysis Paul Korir
25 October 2018 Webinar on 'Understanding protein structures with PDBe' David Armstrong
25 October 2018 CCP4 Crystallography School and Workshop Abhik Mukhopadhyay
20 October 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
19 October 2018 Elixir Structural Bioinformatics Community meeting Sameer Velankar
15 October 2018 X-Ray Methods in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt
04 October 2018 Protein Structure course at the University of Durham John Berrisford
02 October 2018 Visit by Impington Village College Deepti Gupta, Matthew Conroy
28 September 2018 Cambridge LifeLab Matthew Conroy
28 September 2018 PDBe/UniProt API Workshop Mihaly Varadi
27 September 2018 CCP4 WG2 meeting John Berrisford
24 September 2018 PDBe art exhibition: On Campus PDBe Team
19 September 2018 RDKit User Group Meeting Lukas Pravda, Abhik Mukhopadhyay
18 September 2018 14th STRENDA meeting Sameer Velankar
17 September 2018 Phenix Developers workshop John Berrisford
13 September 2018 Course on protein structure at EMBL Hamburg Matthew Conroy
08 September 2018 ECCB 2018 (European Conference on Computational Biology) Mihaly Varadi, Typhaine Paysan-Lafosse
03 September 2018 EMBL-EBI Structural Bioinformatics course Gerard Kleywegt, David Armstrong, Deepti Gupta, Matthew Conroy, Osman Salih
02 September 2018 EMBO Practical Course: Cryo-EM and 3D Image Processing Ardan Patwardhan
31 August 2018 BCA-CCP4 Summer School Matthew Conroy
28 August 2018 Dynamo workshop Sanja Abbott
24 August 2018 2018 Kuo Symposium on 3DEM of Cells and Molecules Andrei Istrate
22 August 2018 ECM31 (European Crystallographic Meeting) David Armstrong, Lukas Pravda
28 July 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
23 July 2018 Europython 2018 Lora Mak
19 July 2018 3rd Integrative Structural Biology Course Aleksandras Gutmanas
16 July 2018 PDBe art exhibition: Artworks inspired by Life's Building Blocks Alice Clark, Matthew Conroy, David Armstrong, Sameer Velankar
11 July 2018 Webinar: Finding macromolecular structures more easily at PDBe David Armstrong
07 July 2018 FEBS Congress 2018 Gerard Kleywegt
29 June 2018 What does a (data) scientist do all day? Matthew Conroy
27 June 2018 2018 International Conference of the Korean Society for Structural Biology Ardan Patwardhan
26 June 2018 2nd I2PC cryoEM Facilities Meeting Andrii Iudin
26 June 2018 UKSR50 - 50 years of Synchrotron Radiation in the UK John Berrisford
18 June 2018 Astbury Biostructure Laboratory (ABSL) Scientific Advisorary Board Meeting Gerard Kleywegt (member)
16 June 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
11 June 2018 ENBIK 2018 - National Bioinformatics Conference Lukas Pravda
03 June 2018 Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy - Gordon Research Conference Ardan Patwardhan
24 May 2018 University of Cambridge Protein Structure Analysis course David Armstrong
19 May 2018 OPEN SATURDAY Matthew Conroy, Oliver Smart
03 May 2018 West-Life all partners meeting Sameer Velankar, Nurul Nadzirin
21 April 2018 Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturday Matthew Conroy
10 April 2018 CCPEM Spring Symposium Ardan Patwardhan, Paul Korir, Andrei Istrate
05 April 2018 Instruct/CIISB course on fragment screening using crystallography laboratory equipment Aleksandras Gutmanas
28 March 2018 Visualizing Biological Data: VIZBI 2018 Sameer Velankar
27 March 2018 BCA 2018 Spring meeting John Berrisford
26 March 2018 EMBO Practical Course: CEM3DIP 2018 Ardan Patwardhan
22 March 2018 "Genomics in a jiffy" at the Cambridge Science Festival Oliver Smart
21 March 2018 Printmaking session with Curwen Print Study Centre Matthew Conroy
17 March 2018 "Get to grips with genomics" at the Cambridge Science Festival Oliver Smart
15 March 2018 Tools for teaching in 3D Matthew Conroy
09 March 2018 42nd Annual Meeting of the Indian Biophysical Society Sameer Velankar, Aleksandras Gutmanas, Mihaly Varadi
08 March 2018 Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences conference Jose Dana
21 February 2018 Course on advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data David Armstrong
02 February 2018 Cryo-EM User Symposium Ardan Patwardhan
31 January 2018 UK Cryo-EM Community Meeting Gerard Kleywegt
22 January 2018 Corbel WP4 User meeting David Armstrong
11 January 2018 CCP4 Study Weekend 2018 Sameer Velankar, John Berrisford, David Armstrong
08 January 2018 Data Sciences: Bridging Mathematics, Physics and Biology Ardan Patwardhan
04 January 2018 ASE Annual Conference 2018 Matthew Conroy
18 December 2017 The joy and pain of structural biology research Matthew Conroy
14 December 2017 NMR Discussion Group 2017 Christmas Meeting David Armstrong
08 December 2017 EMBL-EBI workshop at National Veterinary Research Institute, Poland David Armstrong
07 December 2017 Diamond-CCP4 Data Collection and Structure Solution Workshop Sameer Velankar, John Berrisford
27 November 2017 Bite-size science Matthew Conroy
16 November 2017 Revolutions in Structural Biology: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sir John Kendrew Gerard Kleywegt, Sameer Velankar, Alice Clark
15 November 2017 EMDB and EMPIAR: Public archiving of cryo-EM and bioimaging data Ardan Patwardhan
15 November 2017 Webinar: Finding the best data for your needs in the PDB archive Matthew Conroy
14 November 2017 Protein Data Bank for Undergraduate Chemists David Armstrong
12 November 2017 Protein Structure Determination in Industry Meeting Oliver Smart
23 October 2017 Structural Bioinformatics course at EMBL-EBI Gerard Kleywegt, David Armstrong
22 October 2017 de.NBI Symposium 2017 Sameer Velankar
11 October 2017 Nuffield Presentation Evening Matthew Conroy
06 October 2017 CryoEM Structure Challenges Workshop Ardan Patwardhan
25 September 2017 Biomolecular NMR: modern tools for data processing and interpretation Aleksandras Gutmanas
06 September 2017 CCP4 Protein Structure Workshop 2017 John Berrisford
03 September 2017 Protein Folding, Evolution and Interactions Gerard Kleywegt
01 September 2017 Journal of Molecular Biology Symposium: Marking the Milestones in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt
22 August 2017 Dynamo workshop Paul Korir
21 August 2017 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography Sameer Velankar, Aleksandras Gutmanas, Abhik Mukhopadhyay, Matthew Conroy
21 July 2017 ISMB/ECCB 2017 Jose Dana, John Berrisford
17 July 2017 Course on Integrative Structural Biology Matthew Conroy
16 July 2017 IUPAB Congress & EBSA Congress Mihaly Varadi
12 July 2017 Crick Electron Microscopy Opening Symposium Gerard Kleywegt, Ardan Patwardhan
10 July 2017 Protein Structure Analysis David Armstrong, Deepti Gupta
04 July 2017 PDBe Webinar. RESTful API John Berrisford, David Armstrong
04 July 2017 PDB Art Exhibition .
03 July 2017 South West Structural Biology Consortium Meeting Matthew Conroy
03 July 2017 Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017 Paul Korir, Ardan Patwardhan
20 June 2017 Technology Touching Life Workshop Ardan Patwardhan
11 June 2017 Gordon Research Conference: Computational Aspects - Biomolecular NMR Aleksandras Gutmanas
11 June 2017 Gordon Research Conference: Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Ardan Patwardhan, Andrii Iudin
06 June 2017 SCANDEM 2017 Gerard Kleywegt
02 June 2017 International School of Crystallography: Integrative Structural Biology course Ardan Patwardhan
31 May 2017 12th Annual OME Users Meeting Paul Korir, Sriram Somasundharam
24 May 2017 Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting 2017 Aleksandras Gutmanas, Matthew Conroy, Sameer Velankar
18 May 2017 EMBL-EBI Bioinformatics resources workshop David Armstrong
18 May 2017 Seminar: PDBe Alice Clark
17 May 2017 Protein Data Bank in Europe Alice Clark
04 May 2017 Super-Region Volume Segmentation Workshop Paul Korir
03 May 2017 Google Cloud Next 2017 Sriram Somasundharam
28 April 2017 PSB Spotlight Grenoble Matthew Conroy, Ardan Patwardhan
27 April 2017 PDBe seminar - Frankfurt David Armstrong
24 April 2017 eBIC Opening and CCP-EM Spring Symposium David Armstrong, Paul Korir
11 April 2017 BCA Spring Meeting 2017 Matthew Conroy, Alice Clark
05 April 2017 IG Structural Biology RDA 9th Plenary meeting Sameer Velankar
29 March 2017 3View User Meeting Paul Korir, Ardan Patwardhan
10 March 2017 PDBe workshop - Brno John Berrisford
02 March 2017 Royal Society- Engaging with schools Alice Clark
22 February 2017 Webinar: Visualising protein structures online David Armstrong
10 February 2017 SEMINAIRE HEBDOMADAIRE DE L'UGSF Sameer Velankar
08 February 2017 BioExcel Webinar Matthew Conroy
06 February 2017 Real-Spacing Modeling of Solution State SAXS Robert Rambo
30 January 2017 Data Visualisation for Biology: a practical workshop on design, techniques and tools Andrii Iudin, Mandar Deshpande
10 January 2017 CCP4 Study Weekend 2017 John Berrisford, Oliver Smart, Sameer Velankar
09 January 2017 Wright-Fleming Institute Seminar Matthew Conroy
06 January 2017 ASE Annual Conference 2017 - University of Reading Matthew Conroy, Peter Hoare
19 December 2016 BCA Biological Structures Winter Group Meeting 2016 Matthew Conroy
15 December 2016 Royal Society of Chemistry NMR Discussion Group Xmas meeting 2016 Mihaly Varadi
29 November 2016 London Structural Biology Club Autumn Meeting Matthew Conroy
28 November 2016 Protein Structure Analysis David Armstrong
20 November 2016 EMBO Conference: "Molecular Machines: Integrative Structural and Molecular Biology" Gerard Kleywegt, Sameer Velankar, Ardan Patwardhan, Aleksandras Gutmanas, Mihaly Varadi
16 November 2016 University of Copenhagen PhD Day Gerard Kleywegt
16 November 2016 2016 Cryo Microscopy Group Meeting Paul Korir, Eduardo Sanz Garcia, Andrii Iudin
15 November 2016 Protein Data Bank for Undergraduate Chemists Matthew Conroy
15 November 2016 SeleniumConf UK 2016 Sanja Abbott
13 November 2016 Protein Structure Determination in Industry Conference Gerard Kleywegt
03 November 2016 Exploring biological sequence data David Armstrong
01 November 2016 What's new at PDBe - Seminar and Hands On Matthew Conroy
21 October 2016 Swedish National Cryo-EM Facility Single Particle Course Alice Clark
19 October 2016 CSHL course: X-Ray Methods in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt
12 October 2016 Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools Abhik Mukhopadhyay
06 October 2016 1st Pan African Conference on Crystallography Oliver Smart
03 October 2016 CCP-EM Developers' Workshop Ardan Patwardhan
25 September 2016 Third European Crystallography School Matthew Conroy
19 September 2016 Structural bioinformatics training course Gerard Kleywegt, David Armstrong
07 September 2016 CCP4 Northern Protein Structure Workshop 2016 John Berrisford
04 September 2016 NII Shonan Meeting: Web-based Molecular Graphics Sameer Velankar
02 September 2016 EMBO Practical Course: Cryo-Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing 2016 Ardan Patwardhan
27 August 2016 30th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association Matthew Conroy, David Armstrong
25 August 2016 BCA-CCP4 Summer School Oliver Smart
21 August 2016 International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems Aleksandras Gutmanas
25 July 2016 CCPN/CCPBioSim joint conference 2016 Aleksandras Gutmanas
25 July 2016 Seminar at EMBL Heidelberg Ardan Patwardhan
18 July 2016 Workshop on Integrative Structural Biology David Armstrong
17 July 2016 Gordon Research Conference: Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology Oliver Smart
09 July 2016 1st Cryo Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing of Macromolecular Assemblies and Cellular Tomography (CEM3DIP) Ardan Patwardhan
01 July 2016 Seminar at EMBL Hamburg Ardan Patwardhan
23 June 2016 Seminar in Vienna Gerard Kleywegt
19 June 2016 Gordon Research Conference: Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Ardan Patwardhan
09 June 2016 Diamond Seminar Sameer Velankar, Matthew Conroy
31 May 2016 11th Annual OME Users Meeting Paul Korir
17 May 2016 From 2D images to 3D structures: A practical course on Electron Microscopy Single Particle Analysis Ardan Patwardhan
09 May 2016 CCP-EM Spring Symposium 2016 Ardan Patwardhan, Gerard Kleywegt, Andrii Iudin
19 April 2016 Tuesday Seminar- Prof Stephen Curry Stephen Curry, Matthew Conroy
17 April 2016 6th CAPRI evaluation meeting Sameer Velankar
04 April 2016 BCA Spring Meeting 2016 Matthew Conroy
30 March 2016 Cryo-EM 3D Image Analysis Symposium 2016 Ardan Patwardhan
15 March 2016 CCP4 Annual Review Sameer Velankar
15 March 2016 AAI Workshop for Service and Resource Providers Paul Korir, Andrii Iudin
14 March 2016 24th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK) Matthew Conroy
09 March 2016 VIZBI 2016 Eduardo Sanz Garcia
09 March 2016 ELIXIR All Hands 2016 Sameer Velankar
02 March 2016 CCP-EM Icknield Workshop on Model Building and Refinement for High Resolution EM Maps Eduardo Sanz Garcia
10 February 2016 Bioinformatics resources for protein biology David Armstrong
03 February 2016 Open source search for bioinformatics Sameer Velankar
09 January 2016 CCP4 Study Weekend Oliver Smart, Sameer Velankar
08 January 2016 Protein Structure post-16 workshop Matthew Conroy
15 December 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry NMR Discussion Group 2015 Christmas Meeting Aleksandras Gutmanas
04 December 2015 LMB EM Discussion group John Berrisford, Alice Clark
01 December 2015 PDBe roadshow David Armstrong
17 November 2015 PDBe roadshow David Armstrong
17 November 2015 Protein Data Bank for Undergraduate Chemists Matthew Conroy
20 October 2015 PDBe Roadshow David Armstrong, Matthew Conroy
12 October 2015 EMBL-EBI course: Structural Bioinformatics Sanchayita Sen
01 September 2015 4th RDKit User Group Meeting Oliver Smart
01 September 2015 EMBO Practical Course: Image processing for cryo-electron microscopy Gerard Kleywegt, Osman Salih
26 August 2015 CCP4 Northern Protein Structure Workshop 2015 John Berrisford
23 August 2015 The 29th European Crystallographic Meeting Sameer Velankar, Matthew Conroy
06 August 2015 EMBO Practical Course: Structure, dynamics and function of biomacromolecules by NMR Aleksandras Gutmanas
25 July 2015 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association Sameer Velankar
21 July 2015 Webinar: PDBe's resources PDBe team
19 July 2015 15th CCPN Conference Aleksandras Gutmanas
10 July 2015 ISMB-ECCB 2015 Swanand Gore
09 July 2015 Workshop on 3D solutions in Cryo-Electron Microscopy 2015 Ardan Patwardhan
09 July 2015 Seminar, John Innes Centre Matthew Conroy
06 July 2015 UK Structural Biology Forum meeting Ardan Patwardhan, Gerard Kleywegt
05 July 2015 EUROMAR 2015 Aleksandras Gutmanas
01 July 2015 Webinar: PDBe's resources PDBe Team
29 June 2015 South West Structural Biology Consortium 2015 Matthew Conroy
21 June 2015 GRC: Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy Ardan Patwardhan
28 May 2015 CCP-EM Spring Symposium 2015 Gerard Kleywegt, Ardan Patwardhan, Invgar Lagerstedt, Eduardo Sanz Garcia
20 May 2015 EuroCUP VIII Gerard Kleywegt
20 May 2015 Instruct Biennial Meeting Ardan Patwardhan
12 May 2015 Seminar at Charles University Prague Gerard Kleywegt
22 April 2015 Seminar at EMBL Heidelberg Gerard Kleywegt
14 April 2015 Structural Biology & Biophysics Seminar at Biozentrum Basel Gerard Kleywegt
10 April 2015 PDBe roadshow John Berrisford
31 March 2015 BCA Spring Meeting 2015 John Berrisford, Sameer Velankar
24 March 2015 CCP4 developers' meeting Sameer Velankar
17 February 2015 BioMedBridges Annual General Meeting Ardan Patwardhan, Ingvar Lagerstedt
12 February 2015 Systems and Structural Biology Winter School Gerard Kleywegt
04 February 2015 Workshop on bioimaging and data annotation Ardan Patwardhan
02 February 2015 Workshop on metadata standards and data formats Ardan Patwardhan
08 January 2015 Association for Science Education Conference Matthew Conroy
07 January 2015 CCP4 Study Weekend Abhik Mukhopadhyay
01 November 2014 EMBO Practical Course: Solution scattering from biological macromolecules Gerard Kleywegt (speaker)
13 October 2014 CSHL course: X-ray Methods in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt
01 September 2014 14th CCPN conference Aleksandras Gutmanas (poster presentation)
05 August 2014 23rd Congress and General Assembly of the IUCr Sameer Velankar, Matthew Conroy
27 July 2014 Gordon Research Conference: Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology Gerard Kleywegt (speaker)
28 June 2014 EUROMAR 2014 Pieter Hendrickx
22 June 2014 Gordon Research Conference: Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Ardan Patwardhan, Eduardo Sanz Garcia
10 June 2014 PDBe roadshow John Berrisford, Glen van Ginkel
01 June 2014 EMBO Workshop: Magnetic resonance for cellular structural biology Aleksandras Gutmanas
18 May 2014 EMBL Symposium "Molecular Machines: Lessons from Integrating Structure, Biophysics and Chemistry" Ardan Patwardhan
29 April 2014 BioMedBridges Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Resource Description Framework Ingvar Lagerstedt
10 April 2014 NMR Discussion Group: Spring Meeting 2014 Aleksandras Gutmanas, Pieter Hendrickx
07 April 2014 EMBO Practical Course on Computational Structural Biology - from data to structure to function Gary Battle (Organiser), Gerard Kleywegt
06 April 2014 Biocuration 2014 Sanchayita Sen
01 April 2014 CCP4 Developers' Meeting 2014 Ardan Patwardhan, Sameer Velankar
31 March 2014 Seminar: PDBe - Bringing Structure to Biology Matthew Conroy
17 February 2014 PDBe Roadshow: Bringing Structure to Biology - Protein Structures and Tools from the EBI Gary Battle, Matthew Conroy
20 January 2014 IYCr 2014 Opening Ceremony Gary Battle
17 January 2014 Invited lecture: "PDBe - Bringing Structure to Biology" Sameer Velankar, Gerard Kleywegt
04 January 2014 CCP4 Study Weekend 2014 Sameer Velankar