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The IPD-MHC Database provides a centralised repository for sequences of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) from a number of different species. Through a number of international collaborations IPD is able to provide the MHC sequences of different species. The sequences provided by each group are curated by experts in the field and then submitted to the central database.

This work is made possible by support from The Pirbright Institute, the BBSRC, and Anthony Nolan.

MHC Nomenclature

Nomenclature for MHC genes and alleles in species other than humans and mice has historically been overseen either informally by groups generating sequences, or by formal nomenclature committees set up by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). This work is now overseen by the Comparative MHC Nomenclature Committee and is supported by ISAG and the Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC) of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS).

  • Ellis SA, Bontrop RE, Antczak DF, Ballingall K, Davies CJ, Kaufman J, Kennedy LJ, Robinson J, Smith DM, Stear MJ, Stet RJM, Waller MJ, Walter L and Marsh SGE
    ISAG/IUIS-VIC Comparative MHC Nomenclature Committee report, 2005
    Immunogenetics (2006), 57: 953–958

Please cite the IPD-MHC Database whenever you publish your sequences:

  • Maccari G, Robinson J, Ballingall K, Guethlein LA, Grimholt U, Kaufman J, Ho CS, De Groot NG, Flicek P, Bontrop RE, Hammond JA and Marsh SGE
    IPD-MHC 2.0: an improved inter-species database for the study of the major histocompatibility complex.
    Nucleic Acids Res. (2017), 45: D860–D864

Alleles per species

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IPD-MHC Groups

The following groups have provided data. The individual group pages provide further data on the species included, nomenclature and access to the sequences.

Official Species Designations

Full details of all the species included in IPD-MHC and their official designations are available here. If you are working on MHC nomenclature and your species is not represented above please contact the Comparitive MHC Nomenclature Committee. Nomenclature committees representing different species or groups should also contact IPD Support for further information about the inclusion of their sequences into the IPD-MHC Database.

Collaborators and Development Team

The IPD-IMGT/HLA Database is currently maintained by the following:

Other collaborators include: