The European Searchable Tumour Line Database (ESTDAB) Database and Cell Bank provided a service enabling investigators to search online for HLA typed, immunologically characterised tumour cells as part of the European Commission Fifth Framework Infrastructures Program.

IPD-ESTDAB Database has been retired

The original cellbank has now ceased operation, however a number of cell lines have been banked with European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) and are available for purchase from them.

ESTDAB provided a service enabling investigators to search on-line for HLA-typed, immunologically-characterised tumour cells available for distribution from a central bank. This service enabled investigators to identify cells possessing specific parameters important for studies of immunity, immunogenetics, gene expression, metastasis, response to chemotherapy, and other tumour biological experimentation. Cell lines, predominantly melanoma, were collected and characterised for the following parameters: HLA genotype and surface expression of HLA molecules, expression of tumour antigens, antigen processing capability, production of and response to cytokines and chemokines, apoptosis regulation and expression of adhesion/accessory molecules.

Those cells still available can be found via the following page at ECACC:


Pawelec G, Marsh SGE: ESTDAB: a collection of immunologically characterised melanoma cell lines and searchable databank.
Cancer Immunol Immunother (2006) 55:623-7 (View Abstract)