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Horse Class I and Class II sections expanded

With a large submission from the laboratory of Dr. Petr Horin, including over 100 new alleles combined for the class I loci 1, 2, 7, and Psi, and over a dozen for the class II DQA locus, the horse is now represented by over 170 alleles at identified loci. With new alleles being reported from a widening array of horse breeds, the diversity at the known horse MHC loci continues to grow.

  • Plasil M, Oppelt J, Klumplerova M, Bubenikova J, Vychodilova L, Janova E, Stejskalova K, Futas J, Knoll A, Leblond A, Mihalca AD, Horin P. Newly identified variability of the antigen binding site coding sequences of the equine major histocompatibility complex class I and class II genes. HLA 2023 Apr 27. DOI
2 December 2018: New sheep DQ allelic sections

The sheep section now includes 82 full-length and partial cDNA alleles at the DQA1, DQA2, DQA2-like, DQB1, DQB2 and DQB2-like genes.

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2 December 2018: Introducing a new species section for MHC allelic diversity in the domestic goat

A new section dedicated to the domestic goat has been added to the IPD-MHC Database.

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3 February 2018: IPD-MHC Release 3.0

A new version of the IPD-MHC has been released, featuring a revised interface and improved analysis tools.

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1 October 2016: IPD-MHC Article in press

A manuscript about the IPD-MHC Database 2.0 has recently been accepted for publication on the Nucleic Acid Research 2017 database issue.

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5 October 2016: Gallus IPD-MHC Group Added

A new section dedicated to Gallus genus has been added to the IPD-MHC Database.

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5 October 2016: IPD-MHC Release 2.0

The IPD-MHC Database 2.0 has been released, including a revamped interface as well as additional analysis tools.

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