Nomenclature Committee

The Comparative Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Nomenclature Committee seeks to provide a guiding framework for allelic nomenclature across all non-human species. Much of the approach taken by the Comparative MHC Committee mirrors aspects of the work of the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System. The composition of the current committee is shown below.

NameTaxa of InterestAffiliation
John Hammond (Chair)Cattle/RuminantsThe Pirbright Institute, UK
Keith Ballingall (Immediate Past Chair)Sheep/RuminantsMoredun Research Institute, UK
Mike StearSheep/RuminantsLa Trobe University, Australia
Shirley Ellis (Past Chair)Cattle/RuminantsThe Pirbright Institute, UK#
Chak-Sum HoSwineGift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network, Histocompatibility and Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory, United States
Sabine HammerSwineUniversity of Veterinary Medicine, Austria
Ronald BontropNon-Human PrimatesBiomedical Primate Research Centre, The Netherlands
Unni GrimholtSalmonid FishNorwegian Veterinary Institute
Jim KaufmanChickenUniversity of Cambridge, UK
Donald MillerHorsesBaker Institute for Animal Health, Cornell University, NY, USA
Lorna KennedyDogs and CatsCentre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research, UK
Lutz WalterRatGerman Primate Centre
Tomas BergströmHorsesSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Chris Davies (Past Chair)RuminantsCollege of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Utah State University, USA
Shin-nosuke TakeshimaRuminantsViral Infectious Disease Unit, RIKEN, Japan
*Steven MarshHumans IPD-IMGT/HLA and IPD-MHC DatabaseAnthony Nolan Research Institute and UCL Cancer Institute, UK
*James RobinsonIPD-MHC BioinformaticsAnthony Nolan Research Institute and UCL Cancer Institute, UK
*Giuseppe MaccariIPD-MHC BioinformaticsThe Pirbright Institute and Anthony Nolan Research Institute, UK
#. No longer at this Institute. * Co-opted members