How to take this course


This course makes use of lecture material from a three-day course called 'Hand on training in Next Generation Sequencing' that took place at EMBL-EBI in March 2013.

imageIf you see this video icon, you will be able to watch a video of the lecture, presented in Mediasite format. (Note that these videos will only run on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.)

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The slides for each lecture are also available as pdf files for you to study. Lecture links will open in a new tab and pdfs will open in your default pdf viewer (eg. Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview).

Some of the lectures have associated exercises. Links to online courses, workbooks and data files are provided where appropriate.

NotesYou can go through all of the lectures and exercises and study the full course (some six hours of video plus reading and exercises), or you can pick out lectures that are relevant to you. If studying the whole course, please note that it is not designed to be completed in a single day and is best carried out bit-by-bit over several days. 

Written introductions are provided for each lecture to help you decide which ones to study. Note that some lectures form a series and you may find it difficult to follow later lectures in a series without first viewing the earlier ones - these lectures are grouped together and should be easy to identify.