Successful workshop on "3D Segmentations and Transformations"

15 December 2015

On 7 and 8 December 2015, two dozen experts on segmentation of EM maps and electron tomograms, on ontologies and on EM-data archiving met at Madingley Hall near Cambridge for an expert workshop on “3D Segmentations and Transformations - Building Bridges Between Cellular and Molecular Structural Biology”. The workshop was organised as part of PDBe's Mol2Cell project (which also includes the new EMPIAR archive <>).

Topics of discussion included the new EMDB-SFF (Segmentation File Format), the use of ontologies to annotate segmentations (a.k.a., "regions of interest" or ROIs), what a Segmentation Annotation Tool could look like, and a format to store transformations relating sub-tomogram averages to full tomograms. The meeting, which was funded by the Mol2Cell grant from MRC and BBSRC (grant MR/L007835/1) and the EU BioMedBridges project (grant 284209), was very productive.