IPD-MHC Article in press

A manuscript about the IPD-MHC Database 2.0 has recently been accepted for publication on the Nucleic Acid Research 2017 database issue.

The IPD-MHC Database 2.0 introduces new data organization and submission pipeline, providing a scalable and manageable system, while maintaining the high level of curation that has always characterized the IPD-MHC Database. The new centralized organization of the database allows a convenient and highly accurate comparison and analysis of data. Furthermore, by accommodating related systems in a common structure, smaller projects will benefit from the same tools and pipelines of the larger MHC-groups.

As the number of submitted sequences increases, the benefit of having manually curated sequences from experts in the relevant species becomes more apparent. This release represents an improved version of the IPD-MHC Database, providing a powerful tool for the study of polymorphic genes central to vertebrate animal immune systems. The centralized system allows an easier inter- and intra- species alleles comparison, making the curation process more consistent through the different MHC-groups and at the same time presenting novel levels of analysis. In particular, the newly introduced multi-loci alignment allows the comparison of loci from different species in real time, and the download of the aligned sequences for further studies and analysis.

  • Maccari G, Robinson J, Ballingall K, Guethlein LA, Grimholt U, Kaufman J, Ho CS, De Groot NG, Flicek P, Bontrop RE, Hammond JA and Marsh SGE IPD-MHC 2.0: an improved inter-species database for the study of the major histocompatibility complex.

Nucleic Acids Res. (2017), 45: D860–D864