IPD-MHC Release 3.0

A new version of the IPD-MHC has been released, featuring a revised interface and improved analysis tools.

This version of the IPD-MHC database introduces the ability to manage genomic data, allowing users - when available - to explore and compare non coding regions. To this end, the analysis tools has been revised to interactively explore the large amount of curated data available in an efficient way.

In particular, the alignment tool has been improved allowing users for inter- and intra- loci comparison at different resolution levels, and showing only the alignment region of interest, thus making the sequence comparison more fast and intuitive. An integrated BLAST tool allows to find regions of sequence similarity within IPD-MHC, and including human data from the IMGT/HLA database, yielding functional and evolutionary clues on MHC data structure and function. Overall, the new analysis tools enhance database queries, integrating high quality IPD-MHC data with the EBI ecosystem.