Sequence analysis tools, programmatically

Providing access to core analytical tools and protein and nucleotide sequence databases is central to the EMBL-EBI’s mission. Tools such as InterProScan, BLAST+, PSI-SEARCH, Clustal Omega and HMMER3 are but a few of more than 60 sequence analysis tools accessible using SOAP and RESTful API Web Services. There are client applications written in a variety of languages including Python, Perl and Java for many of these tools which can be integrated directly into your bioinformatics pipelines.

The EMBL-EBI Job Dispatcher framework ( provides free access to several core Bioinformatics tools and related data, via the web or programmatically via Web Services APIs. In this webinar, we will give an overview of the Web Interface and RESTful API. We will then explore how to use our Sample Clients to perform various bioinformatics analysis, and how we can leverage CWL to run analysis workflows.

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