InterPro, programmatically

InterPro is a database that helps users to understand the possible functions of proteins sequence by identifying what family it belongs to or what domains and motifs it contains. To deal with the growing volume of protein sequence data and an increasing demand to retrieve subsets of the data, often via programmatic access, the InterPro website has been entirely redesigned. It provides additional features and more flexibility in querying, presenting and retrieving data. The website relies on an Application Programming Interface (API) which can also be utilised by users for direct access to the data.

This webinar describes how the InterPro data is structured in the API, and how it could be accessed programmatically for further bioinformatics analyses.

This webinar was recorded on 20 May 2020. You can access the slides via GitHub. It is part of a series on InterPro. Other webinars in the series include:

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