Introduction to EMBL-EBI resources

At EMBL-EBI we have a huge variety of tools, resources and databases for sharing, accessing and analysing biological data. They cover many different topics from literature and ontologies, to systems, genes, genomes, proteins, metabolites and more (Figure 1). Importantly, these services are interlinked which helps you explore biological systems more easily.

Figure 1 EMBL-EBI’s resources and databases.

You can explore all of the EMBL-EBI’s tools, resources and databases on our services page. The tools and resources can be accessed online or programmatically, the latter of which is very useful when accessing large volumes of data and building analytic workflows. EMBL-EBI web services provides a list of tools and resources that can be accessed programmatically with links to the relevant help pages and documentation.

In our on-demand section you will find online tutorials and recorded webinars that introduce each of the resources and show you how to use them.

In this webinar series we introduce the basic principles of programmatic access and take a more detailed look at how to access key resources programmatically.