Connecting proteins to genes programmatically with UniProt

UniProt aims to provide the scientific community with the highest quality, most comprehensive and most thoroughly annotated protein resource. You can learn more about UniProt in UniProt: Exploring protein sequence and functional information or our introductory webinar.

This webinar took place on 29th November 2017 and shows how to use the Proteins REST API providing UniProt data for connecting proteins and protein annotations (e.g. domains, variants) to the corresponding genome coordinates. Learn about navigating through protein isoforms, gene transcripts and exon boundaries to right data relationships.  This webinar covers:

  • Where to find UniProt programmatic access? (1:43)
  • The Proteins API web pages and swagger documentation (3:21)
  • Using the Proteins API for complex questions (9:49) 
  • Summary/Finding help (37:06)

You can download the scripts and slides:

There is more information and documentation on how to access UniProt programmatically and the Proteins API on the UniProt website.

For help and support visit the UniProt help pages or contact the help desk.