Introduction to programmatic access



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Biology has entered the digital age and it is now possible to access and analyse many types of data online. Using EMBL-EBI tools and resources you can share your data, perform complex queries, and analyse data in many different ways. You can BLAST nucleotide sequences, search the literature, look up variant data, learn about proteins, explore macromolecular molecules, and much, much more.

One way to make these kinds of bioinformatics tasks quicker and easier is to do them programmatically using web services.

This webinar took place on 9th May 2017 and introduces the concept of web services and how you can use them to access the tools and data available at EMBL-EBI.

  • What are we trying to do? (0:41)
  • Why consider programmatic access? (1:29)
  • How web services work (4:52)
  • How do you use web services (in practice)(13:56)
  • Clients and demo (17:35)
  • Tips and pitfalls (23:36)
  • Where to get help (31:56)

You can explore all of the EMBL-EBI's tools, resources and databases on our services page. On the services page you will also find a list of tools and resources that can be accessed programmatically with links to the relevant help pages and documentation.

If you need help with any of the tools and resources you can contact us or get in touch with resource helpdesk.

You can download the slides from this webinar here.