Beltrao Group

Cellular consequences of genetic variation


PhosFate: Exploring Human Conditional Phosphoregulation

PhosFate aims to study human quantitative phosphoproteomics data, in order to biologically understand molecular regulation after perturbation. PhosFate combines an aggregation of public phosphosite regulation with novel statistical procedures to infer conditional kinase and complex regulation at large scale. Phosfate Profiler also allows to privately analyze new datasets and compare them with publicly available data

Mutfunc: Predicting mechanistic consequences of mutations

mutfunc is a database of mutations occurring in functionally important regions or that are predicted to disrupt protein structure stability, protein interaction interfaces, PTMs, protein translation, conserved regions and regulatory regions. We have precomputed data for all possible mutations, to allow a quick and efficient lookup. Simply provide your mutations or VCF file and recieve a full report on your mutations.

PTMfunc: A database of functional predictions for post-translational modifications

In collaboration with mass-spectrometry groups we are using a growing resource of PTMS from different species to study the functional relevance and evolutionary properties of post-translational networks. PTMfunc will contain our group’s collection of PTMs with putative functional predictions.