Community editing

How to apply to become a MEROPS community editor

We encourage researchers with specialist knowledge of peptidases to help with annotation by writing summaries for peptidases. Each of these will become a part of the peptidase summary page in MEROPS, and the researcher will be accredited with authorship. Please contact us if you wish to help and you will be sent a user identification and a password. The peptidase summary will remain the sole responsibility of the appointed researcher as long as he or she wishes, and the researcher will be expected to keep the summary contemporary with scientific advances.

To edit a summary, please go to the following website:

You will be asked to enter your username and password, or request a new password if you have forgotten it. Then you will be presented with your affiliation, which you can edit, and a list of peptidases available to you to edit. By clicking on 'edit' next to the peptidase name, you will enter the editor.

How to edit a peptidase summary

The editor displays the existing peptidase summary, including the domain architecture image. Some sections of the summary, which are derived from the MEROPS database cannot be edited, but if there are errors or omissions, we would be grateful to be informed about them. Boxes with or without text in them are sections that you can edit. By clicking within a box, you will be presented with a new screen. Simply enter relevant information in the box, or edit existing text. There are four buttons at the top of the box which help with formatting. These are:

The contents of the various sections should be as follows:

Each of the headings is followed by a symbol () that when clicked upon will show the above, relevant help message.

Saving your edits

Each section of the summary is stored separately, so there is no need to complete a summary in one sitting. You can save your edits at any time by clicking the 'Save' button at the foot of the page. Remember to save your changes before logging off or moving away from the MEROPS editor pages. When you have completed your summary, click the 'Save and Submit for Review' button. Your summary will then be checked by the administrators, and will appear in the next release of the database.