The IPD-NHKIR Database provides an FTP site for the retrieval of sequences in a number of pre-formatted files. The sequence are provided as FASTA, as well as an archive of the sequence alignments and a flat file formatted copy of the database. Descriptions of each file type is available below.

File Formats

An FTP directory containing the latest version of the IPD-MHC Database is available at the following address: The directory contains files in a number of file formats:

  • Flat Files (NHKIR.dat) - A flatfile containing all the public alleles in the database is provided in the FPT directory. Please read the documentation available in the FTP directory or the IMGT/HLA online documentation for a description of the flat file format.

  • FASTA Files - a set of FASTA files containing all nucleotide and protein sequences. The files in the archive use the following naming conventions:
    • NHKIR_nuc.txt - nucleotide CDS sequences
    • NHKIR_gen.txt - genomic sequences
    • NHKIR_prot.txt - protein sequences
  • Aln files - a files in CLUSTALW format containing nucletide and protein alignment.

Terms of Use

The files within the FTP directory are copyrighted by the IPD-IMGT/HLA Database, see licence and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.