Non-Human Primates

Welcome to the NHP database, a specialist database for the Major Histocompatibility Complex genes of Non-Human Primates. The database includes Apes and both Old World and New World monkeys. It presently covers over 51 different primate species and is subject to quality control. Incorporated in the database are currently known and annotated (full-length, or minimal exons 2 and 3) MHC class I sequences, and (full-length, or minimal exon 2) MHC class II sequences.


The nomenclature guidelines for the non-human primate MHCs were published in 1990 (Klein J. et al., 1990), and are still valid. Recent implemented nomenclature revisions for non-human primates are described in the 2012 nomenclature report (de Groot N.G. et al., 2012).

For allele designation the database uses the 2010 nomenclature rules described by the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System. When these are not adequate, the non-human primate specific nomenclature is introduced.

Above are listed the most populated genes within the Non-Human Primates group. To list all the genes within the NHP taxonomic group, please visit the species page.

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Group curator

Dr. Natasja de Groot - groot [at]

Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Department of Comparitive Genetics and Refinement, Netherlands


Please cite the IPD-MHC NHP database whenever you publish your sequences. When citing the database you can use the following articles.

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