Welcome to the ELA Database, a specialist database for the Major Histocompatibility Complex genes of Equines. This page is intended as a resource for information on the nomenclature and DNA sequence data of the equine MHC complex. The data presented here is collected over published or submitted to public databases by many authors and has been manually curated by members of the MHC Nomenclature Committee of the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG).


Sequences have been officially named to adhere to approved MHC nomenclature (Ellis et al., 2006). Eqca refers to Equus Caballus, followed by the gene locus, and finally the major and minor types of alleles. Class I gene sequences can be found under the N locus in the Alignment Tool gene list.

Above are listed the most populated genes within the Equids group. To list all the genes within the ELA taxonomic group, please visit the species page.

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Group curator

Dr. Don Miller - dm96 [at] cornell.edu

Baker Institute for Animal Health, Immunology, United States


We hope you will cite the IPD-MHC database whenever you publish your sequences. When citing the database you can use the following articles.

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