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Please note that this page is no longer the primary point of access for assembly data. Up-to-date assembly data are searchable from The last update to this page was in May 2015; the page has been retained as it includes organellar genomes that are not associated with nuclear genome assemblies and are not represented in the above search.

Access to Completed Genomes

The first completed genomes from viruses, phages and organelles were deposited into the EMBL Database in the early 1980's. Since then, molecular biology's shift to obtain the complete sequences of as many genomes as possible combined with major developments in sequencing technology resulted in hundreds of complete genome sequences being added to the database, including Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryota. These web pages give access to a large number of complete genomes, help is available to describe the layout.

Whole Genome Shotgun Sequences (WGS)

Methods using whole genome shotgun data are used to gain a large amount of genome coverage for an organism. WGS data for a growing number of organisms are being submitted to DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank.
More information about WGS projects...

Last 40 Genome Entries

Date Accession Description
02-MAY-2015 CP011047.1  Cronobacter sakazakii strain ATCC 29544
02-MAY-2015 CP011330.1  Helicobacter pylori J99
02-MAY-2015 CP011331.1  Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. C227-11
02-MAY-2015 CP011341.1  Rhodococcus aetherivorans strain IcdP1
02-MAY-2015 KJ680300.1  Accipiter nisus mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ680301.1  Branta bernicla mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ680302.1  Pitta nympha mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ701602.1  Erodium chrysanthum chloroplast
02-MAY-2015 KJ716334.1  Staphylococcus phage SA97
02-MAY-2015 KJ716444.1  Arborophila ardens mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ737371.1  Bangana tungting mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ740437.1  Antheraea frithi mitochondrion voucher IBSDIRWSA1
02-MAY-2015 KJ743986.1  Thamnaconus hypargyreus mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ772514.1  Mazama gouazoupira isolate NUPECCE T314 mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KJ792087.1  Leiopelma hochstetteri mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KM655839.1  Whitmania laevis mitochondrion
02-MAY-2015 KM982549.1  Lynx lynx mitochondrion
30-APR-2015 CP010975.1  Kangiella geojedonensis strain YCS-5
30-APR-2015 CP011132.1  Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19
30-APR-2015 CP011304.1  Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-2549
30-APR-2015 CP011313.1  Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae strain 234-12
30-APR-2015 CP011317.1  Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain Carb01 63
30-APR-2015 KJ749827.1  Escherichia phage ECBP5
30-APR-2015 KM589359.1  Bovine nidovirus TCH5
30-APR-2015 KP202150.1  Apteryx rowi circovirus-like virus isolate JWNM 090913
30-APR-2015 KP869100.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 1
30-APR-2015 KP869101.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 3
30-APR-2015 KP869103.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 5
30-APR-2015 KP869104.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 6
30-APR-2015 KP869108.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 10
30-APR-2015 KP869109.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 11
30-APR-2015 KP869110.1  Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 12
30-APR-2015 KP881232.1  Sinorhizobium phage phiM9
30-APR-2015 KP967684.1  Rat cytomegalovirus ALL-03 isolate Malaysian
29-APR-2015 KP864662.1  Strongylura anastomella mitochondrion
29-APR-2015 KP867019.1  Goniada japonica mitochondrion
29-APR-2015 KP872701.1  Aldrichina grahami mitochondrion
29-APR-2015 KP881611.1  Anser cygnoides breed Yougiang mitochondrion
29-APR-2015 KP889213.1  Adenophora remotiflora chloroplast
29-APR-2015 KP892752.1  Allonautilus scrobiculatus mitochondrion voucher AMNH:AMCC224119

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