EMPIAR has reached 1 Petabyte of storage!

A huge thank you to all our depositors, users, collaborators, colleagues and funders!

As of 11 June 2021 EMPIAR contains 1 PB of data spread over 600 entries!

Congratulations to Glenn Carrington from Leeds ( @Gcarrington7 ), the winner of the #EMPIAR_1PB challenge! Glenn told us: "#EMPIAR is a great resource for the EM community to access high-quality data for methods development and validation."

Hooray! Time for celebrations!!! We at are marking our 500th entry release, which is EMPIAR-10558 by the Zimmer lab from UVA. Their structure of the WzmWzt ABC transporter has important implications for gram-negative pathogens.

First entry deposited to EMPIAR!