Bringing data to life: data management for the biomolecular sciences

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Most researchers know that data management is an important part of their work and is essential for getting the most out of your data. But what exactly is data management and what can you do to ensure that you’re managing your data well?

From June – August 2018 EMBL-EBI ran a webinar series on data management for the biomolecular sciences. This series introduces key concepts in data management, highlights common myths and provides biological researchers with hints and tips on how to approach data management in their own research.

You do not need to watch all of the webinars.  You can dip in and out and watch only the webinars you are interested in. To watch the  webinars simply choose the webinar of interest from the menu on the left of your screen. 

This webinar series is aimed at biological researchers who are working with, or managing data and those who need to create data management plans. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required but an understanding of biology and biological research would be an advantage.

About this course

Learning objectives: 
  • Describe the data management cycle
  • Discuss benefits and challenges of data sharing
  • Explain what happens to data after it is shared
  • Identify appropriate data repositories and their submission requirements
  • Describe how ontologies and standards are used to annotate biological data
  • Identify appropriate resources and tools for data management