Fellowship opportunities

Opportunities in the Petsalaki group

ESPOD postdoctoral fellowships

Our group is participating in the 2018 ESPOD call with Project 3.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with my group and Sarah Teichmann's group at the Sanger Institute. The successful ESPOD candidate will leverage new technologies on single-cell transcriptomics and spatial transcriptomics, in combination with network analysis methods to study cell-cell communication and the effect of a cell's active signalling networks on its neighbouring cells. 

More details can be found at this link and the application link is here. The deadline for applications is July 20th.

EBPOD postdoctoral fellowships

We are participating in the 2018 call for EBPOD fellowships with two exciting projects.

Project 11 is a collaboration with Toni Vidal-Puig (Sanger Institute & Metabolic Research Laboratories, BRC Cambridge). It involves the use, integration and analysis of omics datasets derived from mouse models and patients of fatty liver disease, to study the mechanisms of fatty liver disease development and to identify accurate diagnostic, staging and prognostic biomarkers that facilitate patient stratification for therapeutic intervention. This project is part of a large consortium project and is expected to have high impact in diagnosing and treating fatty liver disease. 

The application link for this project can be found here.

Project 12 is a collaboration with Matthias Zilbauer (Department of Paediatrics, BRC Cambridge).  In this project, we aim to investigate cell signalling pathways in the intestinal epithelium in response to distinct, physiologically relevant environmental factors such as dietary factors, viral or bacterial products as well as inflammatory cytokines. This will be achieved by combining large-scale datasets from IBD patients and patient/control-derived intestinal epithelial organoid lines to study the interplay between the various cellular regulatory networks (i.e. genotype, epi-genotype, transcription and signalling) and compare it in IBD vs control patients/organoids. Through identifying the effect of specific epigenetic, genetic and gene expression variations on signalling pathways, this project will contribute to an improved understanding of the mechanisms underlying IBD and suggest potential targets and biomarkers for the disease.

The application link for this project can be found here.

The deadline for applications for the EBPOD program is July 20th. 

Internally funded postdoctoral positions

The application deadline is now closed for the internally funded postdoctoral position in our group. 

Support for postdoctoral fellowship applications

We participate in a variety of EMBL-supported fellowship schemes as well as national and international schemes.  If you find our research interests exciting and would like to join our group please send me your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to join our group and which of your qualifications make you suitable and we can discuss the possibility of you applying for one or more of these fellowship schemes.  

EMBL interdisciplinary fellowships: EI3PODs

Our group is participating in the 2018 EI3POD call for fellowship applications. The EI3POD programme offers an opportunity for fellows to carry out interdisciplinary research in the context of inter-institutional or inter-sectorial collaborations. It is a unique opportunity for you to use your imagination and knowledge and design your own dream project for your interdisciplinary post doc. If any of the topics outlined below are of interest to you go ahead and think up a cool project and send it over so that we can discuss it (no need to cover all of them!).  

In this round, we would like to highlight our collaborations with the following groups and topics:

If you would like to pursue an EI3POD fellowship, contact me with a CV and a cover letter outlining your interests in my group and a partner's group, and outlining your project of interest,  to discuss your research project proposal.

To apply please submit a research proposal and CV, with two referees, through our online system. 

Apply online

Graduate/PhD students

Please apply through the EMBL International PhD programme.  

Masters students

Check out our research interests and if you would like to join us for a minimum of 6 months please send me your detailed CV, a cover letter that explains why you want to work in the lab and why you would be a good fit and 1 reference letter from your current supervisor. In terms of skills requirements, you should at minimum know how to program in Perl, Python or R and have a degree in either Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer science or related discipline.