Petsalaki Group

Whole Cell Signalling

The group studies human cell signalling to understand what controls different cell responses in different conditions. Our long-term aim is to create whole-cell signalling models, to better understand cell functions and disease.


Welcome to the Petsalaki group web pages!

We are a computational lab, heavily collaborating with experimental groups, and we use data-driven strategies to understand what drives the specificity of human cell signalling responses. Examples of questions we are interested in are:

a) How does rewiring human cell signalling networks result in different cell phenotypes?

b)    Which are the regulators of this rewiring? What are the molecular mechanisms?

c)    How do differences in the genome, or transcriptome layer of cell regulation affect the cell’s signalling networks?

You can find us in the South building of EMBL-EBI on the beautiful Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK.

Select publications

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