Technical Services Cluster blog

IT activities at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

About EMBL-EBI’s Technical Services Cluster

The Technical Services Cluster (TSC) is the synthesis of six diverse but interdependent teams, delivering a broad portfolio of IT services that support the service provision, research and administrative activities of EMBL-EBI. We meet the infrastructure challenges provided by ‘big data’ by structuring services for repeatability and resilience, exploring the integration with cloud providers and innovating to deliver new infrastructure.

Technical Services teams

Our Technical Service Cluster, led by Steven Newhouse, comprises six teams:

  • Software Development & Operations led by Sarah Butcher. SDO is responsible for the development and operation of key software services.
  • Systems Applications led by Andy Cafferkey. SysApps is responsible for the higher layers of EMBL-EBI’s IT infrastructure.
  • Systems Infrastructure led by Pete Jokkinen. SysInf is responsible for compute, storage, datacentres, networking and security.
  • Technology & Science Integration led by Steven Newhouse. TSI is responsible for helping the institute to shape and adopt new technologies.
  • Web Development led by Geetika Malhotra. WebDev is responsible for web development and user experience research and design.
  • Web Production led by Rodrigo Lopez. WebProd is responsible for web frameworks and web-based collaboration tools.