RESTful RNA-seq Analysis API version 1.2 is out

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RESTful RNA-seq Analysis API version 1.2 is out

28 Jun 2016 - 16:46

Are you interested in annotating a genome from high-quality RNA-seq data, performing a meta-analysis of gene expression in human tissues, or simply wonder what RNA-seq data is available in the public domain? It's all there for you, just one API call away.

The newly released version 1.2 of the RESTful RNA-seq Analysis API serves ftp locations of CRAM, bigWig and bedGraph files, as well as raw, FPKM and TPM gene and exon counts for 265,000 public sequencing runs in 264 species.

This release includes analysis results for 38 new entries from WormBase ParaSite, as well as aggregated baseline gene expression in tissues, cell types, developmental stages, sex and strains in 61 organisms.

Give our RESTful RNA-seq Analysis API a try! You can find the RESTful RNA-seq Analysis documentation on our website.

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