Expression Atlas Linked Data

Expression Atlas

Expression Atlas Linked Data

20 Jun 2013 - 15:57

Our Functional Genomics Production Team is pleased to announce the beta publication of gene expression data from the Gene Expression Atlas as RDF Linked Open Data. Linked Data is an emerging standard and best practice for exposing, sharing and connecting data on the Web. Exposing the Gene Expression Atlas data as RDF provides novel ways to both query and explore this dataset.


The Expression Atlas Linked Dataset is an alternative API to the Gene Expression Atlas data. It lets you perform richer queries over the data, and supports federated queries over other linked datasets such as Uniprot and Bio2RDF.

The Atlas schema shows you how items in the dataset are connected. Every resource in the dataset has been given a unique URI, which will resolve in your browser to give a description of that resource along with links to related resources. For each URI you can access the underlying RDF via content negotiation.

The primary interface to the Expression Atlas RDF data is via the SPARQL endpoint. SPARQL is the standard query language for RDF data. Some basic example queries are provided.

Example resources

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