Europe PMC releases new search snippet feature

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Europe PMC releases new search snippet feature

3 Jan 2018 - 15:00

Finding relevant research literature just became easier with Europe PMC's new search snippet feature. Snippets reveal the most relevant article excerpts containing the searched terms and can be very helpful in navigating search results. Users can now focus on relevant mentions of their search terms in publications and quickly navigate to the place in the text where these keywords appear.

Each search result displays up to two snippets separated by an ellipsis.

Example of a search snippet

Users can also locate the search terms in the article by following the snippet link under each excerpt. The link points to the sentence in the publication where the snippet was retrieved.  

Snippet full text links

We hope the new snippets feature will make literature research more efficient. We are always looking to improve our services, so your feedback is warmly welcome. Let us know what you think!

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