What is an InterPro entry?


At its heart, each individual InterPro entry consists of one or more member database signatures that are characteristic of the same protein family, domain or sequence feature. The entry is given a name and a unique InterPro identifier. It is also annotated with additional information, which can be found in different sections on the entry page.

For example, Figure 4 below shows the InterPro entry for the type 2 malate dehydrogenase protein family. The entry has a name (malate dehydrogenase, type 2) and identifier (IPR010945). The contributing signatures are shown on the right-hand side, with links to the signatures on the individual member database web sites. A descriptive abstract explains what these proteins are and what their function is. It also provides links to publications in PubMed for more detailed information. A set of GO terms is also provided, which describe the characteristics of the proteins matched by the entry. 

Overview of a typical InterPro entry

Figure 4. Overview of a typical InterPro entry.