• InterPro is a resource for classifying proteins into families and predicting domains, repeats and functional sites.
  • InterPro integrates protein signatures from 14 member databases that are part of the InterPro consortium: CATH-Gene3D, CDD, HAMAP, PANTHER, Pfam, PIRSF, PRINTS, ProDom, PROSITE Patterns, PROSITE Profiles, SFLD, SMART, SUPERFAMILY and TIGRFAMs. Protein signatures are predictive models based on similarities among proteins that have the same structure or function.
  • You can search InterPro with an amino acid sequence using the web site.
  • The InterPro web site can also be searched with a word or phrase, an entry ID, UniProtKB accessions and identifiers, GO terms and structural identifiers. 
  • Batches of sequences can be searched against InterPro by downloading the InterProScan tool, or using the EBI's web services.
  • The InterPro protein view provides a graphical representation of the signatures that match a particular protein, with information about protein family membership, sequence features, structural features, and structural predictions for that protein.