The selectivity filter of
the KcsA K+ channel

Zhou, YF et al. (2001)
Nature, 414, 43-48.


STEP 2: One Sequence PoreLogo
(Click here for examples of input/output files)

a) Please specify a list-file of pore-lining residues:

The list-file of pore-lining residues should be in a PoreWalker-like
format (see example file). Please click here to get instructions on
how to prepare your list-file.

b) Please specify chains:

all chainssingle chain

"all chains": to select if you want your PoreLogo to include all the pore-lining residues in your list-file (advisable for hetero-oligomeric channels and monomeric channels with or without the PDB chain annotation).

"single chain": to select if you want to build a PoreLogo based on pore-lining residues from only one chain of the protein channel you wish to analyse (advisable for homo-oligomeric channels and monomeric channels with PDB chain annotation).

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