M-CSA is a database of enzyme reaction mechanisms. It provides annotation on the protein, catalytic residues, cofactors, and the reaction mechanisms of hundreds of enzymes. There are two kinds of entries in M-CSA. 'Detailed mechanism' entries are more complete and show the individual chemical steps of the mechanism as schemes with electron flow arrows. 'Catalytic Site' entries annotate the catalytic residues necessary for the reaction, but do not show the mechanism.

Last updates

Summer 2018 - More entries with mechanism details
The number of entries with a detailed mechanism description has been extended from 423 to 684 thanks to Amelia Brasnett, Morwenna Hall, Charity Hornby, and James Willey who have worked as interns in the Thornton group over the Summer.
New Website
We have merged CSA (Catalytic Site Atlas) and MACiE (Mechanism Annotation and Classification in Enzymes) into the same database and website. The new website facilitates the data entry process and supports different mechanism proposals, among others improvements. It is powered by the Python Django web framework and a PostgreSQL database.

To cite M-CSA

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  • Ribeiro AJM et al. (2017), Nucleic Acids Res, 46, D618-D623. Mechanism and Catalytic Site Atlas (M-CSA): a database of enzyme reaction mechanisms and active sites. DOI:10.1093/nar/gkx1012. PMID:29106569.