The patent nucleotides are the sequences of the entire patent data class (PAT) in EMBL-Bank. The database consists of different data classes. The PAT class is the data class containing patent nucleotides. The data is made available as part of the EMBL-Bank release which is updated quarterly.

Data Search and Query

To search sequences against the patent nucleotides, the user can use similarity& homology search tools. Please remember to choose the database you require from the database list before running the search. For text query, the user can useĀ EBI Search.


EMBL format files and FASTA format files for EMBL released/updated patent nucleotides are available at the FTP sites listed in the table below.

PAT class Release / Daily update File format FTP site File names
PAT class in EMBL Release Release EMBL rel_pat_*.dat.gz
Release FASTA em_rel_pat*.gz
PAT class in EMBL NEW Daily update EMBL cum_pat_*.dat.gz
Daily update FASTA em_cum_pat_*.gz


For documentation about the format of these patent sequence files, please refer to theĀ  EMBL format documentation.