Your data is protected by assigning your query session a unique identification number and by removing all files generated during the session (including the results) after it has expired. A session is considered as expired after 48 hours if there was no access to the results of calculations or after 4 hours since last access to the session.

We do not retain your data after it has expired and we do not inspect your data unless you give us permission to do so, e.g. in case of suspected server malfunction.

Your session number is generated automatically and is guaranteed to be unique. This number

  • is displayed on the wait (progress) page while server runs calculations for you
  • makes a part of your unique wait page's WWW-address
  • is displayed shortly when you access your results through bookmarked wait page
  • is displayed on the submission form when you resubmit your query

The session number identifies the place where your and only your data and results are kept on our server. There is no mechanism of transfering the data between sessions and users on the server.

We do collect certain statistical information on our server like the number of launched queries and used CPU resource. We also retain IP addresses used to launch queries in an access log.