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    mass spectrometry
    NMR spectroscopy
    Homo sapiens
    Mus musculus
    reference compound
    Bos taurus
    Rattus norvegicus
    Ailuropoda melanoleuca
    BAO:reference compound
    Blank sample
    Bos grunniens
    Clostridium sp. asf356
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Clostridium sp. asf502
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Firmicutes bacterium asf500
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Lactobacillus murinus asf361
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Lactobacillus murinus asf361;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Lactobacillus sp. asf360
    Clostridium sp. asf356;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Clostridium sp. asf502
    Clostridium sp. asf502;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Equus caballus
    Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492
    Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492;Clostridium sp. asf502
    Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492;Firmicutes bacterium asf500
    Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Firmicutes bacterium asf500
    Firmicutes bacterium asf500;Clostridium sp. asf502
    Firmicutes bacterium asf500;Lactobacillus murinus asf361
    Firmicutes bacterium asf500;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Gallus gallus
    Lactobacillus murinus asf361
    Lactobacillus murinus asf361;Clostridium sp. asf502
    Lactobacillus murinus asf361;Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492
    Lactobacillus murinus asf361;Firmicutes bacterium asf500
    Lactobacillus murinus asf361;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Lactobacillus sp. Asf360
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360;Clostridium sp. asf502
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360;Eubacterium plexicaudatum asf492
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360;Firmicutes bacterium asf500
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360;Lactobacillus murinus asf361
    Lactobacillus sp. asf360;Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Lumbricus terrestris L2
    Mus Musculus
    NCBITAXON:Macaca mulatta;NCBITAXON:Plasmodium knowlesi
    Olea europaea
    Parabacteroides sp. Asf519
    Parabacteroides sp. asf519
    Penicillium chrysogenum
    Posidonia oceanica
    Rattus rattus
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-
    Solanum lycopersicum
    Solvent Blank
    Sus scrofa domesticus
    reference compound
    blood serum
    blood plasma
    Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts
    Culture media
    Culture media, conditioned
    NIH-3T3 cell
    Olive Oil
    SK-N-BE(2) cell
    cerebrospinal fluid
    pure substance
    whole organism
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 Study Identifier MTBLS488
 Study Size 149.57GB
 Submitted by Beata Pomian
Organism Bos taurus
Study Factors Treatment
 Study Identifier MTBLS164
 Study Size 2.59MB
 Submitted by Phil Brown
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Exercise, Diabetes, Day
 Study Identifier MTBLS28
 Study Size 115.25GB
 Submitted by Majda Haznadar
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Sample Type, Gender, Race, Smoking
 Study Identifier MTBLS148
 Study Size 20.18GB
 Submitted by Etienne A. Th�venot
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Experiment, Preservative, Timepoint, Temperature, Polarity, Sample type, Injection order
 Study Identifier MTBLS24
 Study Size 63.80MB
 Submitted by Helena Zacharias
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Time Collected Urine sample, Acute Kidney Injury
 Study Identifier MTBLS683
 Study Size 8.41GB
 Submitted by Ke-Shiuan Lynn
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Vegetable intake, Collection time period, Study type, Replicate
 Study Identifier MTBLS185
 Study Size 3.23GB
 Submitted by Nathalie De Clercq
Organism Bos taurus
Study Factors Glucocorticoids
 Study Identifier MTBLS194
 Study Size 1.62GB
 Submitted by Wei Han
Organism Mus musculus
Study Factors Sample Matrix
 Study Identifier MTBLS689
 Study Size 2.14GB
 Submitted by weiwei li
Organism Homo sapiens
Study Factors Disease


The meso-isomer of 2,6-diaminopimelic acid. It is a key constituent of bacterial peptidoglycan and is often found in human urine due to the breakdown of the gut microbes.