Static html Template

Use the following 2 steps to get yourself setup with an appropriate template for making EBI styled webpages.

Step 1 - Choose a Static html Webpage Template

Depending on what you require download an appropriate template. The template we recommend is the fixed width page with a left menu. These next set of 4 templates have a footer that floats at the bottom of the page. This layout is meant for embedding of frames and iframes.

Step 2 - Adding Styled Content to your Webpage

All the static templates are marked up with Adobe Dreamweaver (DM) comment tags. If you are editing the templates with DM, the comment tags will only allow you to edit the required elements of the page, such as the left menu (leftnav), middle contents (contents) and right menu contents (rightmenu).

If you are editing the templates using a non DM product we recommend you use the open source program Nvu. Nvu can be run from Windows2000/XP, Linux as well as MacOSX.

Now add some content to the templates: spacer