Old Dynamic html Template

We have a variety of old html helpers (dynamic EBI html templates) available for programmatic formatting of EBI webpages.

We have html helpers for java and perl. We can also produce custom html includes if you are using the likes of Java Struts and Tiles. Get in touch with ES if you need any help using the html helpers.

RECENT UPDATES (Version 2.0, MAY 2006)

New versions will be available later in the year....

RECENT UPDATES (Version 1.01, MAY 2005)
  • Both perl and java are now available with full screen/variable page width.
  • You may add free text mark up to the head such as javascript and meta tags.
  • You may add free text mark up to the left menu such as personalised forms etc.
  • Now source code has balanced tags and can be viewed as xml or in an xml editor.
Note: Extra parameters have been added with version 1.01, to allow fixed/variable width pages and the generation of icon cards/text in the right pane. This was done via overloading in java and via new method declarations in perl. This shouldnt effect any code already using the original version 1.0 htmlhelpers.


  • Validate as xhtml 2.0 transitional Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Validate as CSS 1.0Valid CSS!

If you do not have a dreamweaver licence, use NVU (All operating systems).
Use firefox for development, install IE Tab to view your code as in Internet Exporer.
You will also require the Web developer Extension for firefox which has many really good useful features.

Instructions on using the dynamic EBI html templates:
  • Java
    • Library download: html.jar
      Documentation: javadoc
      Library Source code:
      • To use with Tomcat copy this html.jar into the WEB-INF/lib directory in your webapp directory (you may have to create the lib directory).
        Copy the code you want from an example into your servlet/jsp.
      • To use from the command line either add html.jar to your classpath or place it one of the directories java looks for extensions on your platform.

  • Perl
    • Library download:
      Library Source code:
      • On our servers the EBI packages are already installed. If you want to install them on your own machine download, and copy the EBI directory to either the same directory as your script or one of the other directories Perl looks for modules on your platform.
      • Copy the code you want from an example into your Perl script.

Static EBI styled html templates also available >>>