You can download data for every dataset individually in Expression Atlas through our FTP site.

From experiment pages

You can download single experiment files from the Downloads tab in any experiment page. Below is a short summary about data that you can download in both differential and baseline experiments. If you want to know more about either one, please read the help sections “Differential experiment page” and “Baseline experiment page”, respectively.

Differential expression results

You can download filtered expression results as a TSV file clicking on the TSV button. Genes for which the log2 fold change is 0 are not included.

For all differential experiments, click on the analytics button to download all the analytics in the experiment.

Data used for differential expression analysis

For single-channel microarray experiments you can download the normalized intensities using the normalized data button.

For two-channel microarray experiments you can download the log2 fold changes using the log2 fold changes button.

For RNA-seq experiments you can download the raw counts generated by htseq-count using the raw counts button.

You can also download data ready to load into R by clicking the R data object icon. See our help page about Expression Atlas data in R for more details.

Download the baseline expression results

To download the full results of your query in tab–delimited format with no ordering, click on the download button to the right of the heatmap on baseline search results page.