webPRANK update history

Update 8 October, 2017

  • implementation of the new EBI web style
  • data visualisation with the Wasabi alignment browser

Update 9 December, 2015

  • updates to contact information, publications, etc.

Update 27 April, 2011

  • small changes in the sequence parser: should give a more informative error message when parsing fails and allow more special characters
  • if the new parser fails, try to use the old one: a link is provided at the top of the page

Update 8 October, 2010

  • changes on the user interface and alignment browser
  • should provide minimalistic support for Internet Explorer (B&W browser only)
  • generally, violates a smaller number of HTML standards

Update 25 June, 2010

  • changes on the user interface

Update 11 June, 2010

  • new alignment job submission interface: simpler layout, usability improvements
  • webPRANK browser data export in nexus format; phylip output corrected
  • webPRANK browser data export with Chrome browser improved

Update 9 June, 2010

  • new B&W browser for large datasets
  • results output in multiple formats: phylip (int. / seq.), paml, nexus
  • results output in nexus format with guidetree and minimum column reliability
  • results page: new layout, naming and documentation
  • fixed: output of translated alignment with user guidetree
  • fixed: guidetrees with 'e-\d' in branch lengths

Update 1 April, 2010

  • output of ancestral sequences enabled; new Fasta browser
  • HSAML browser: resizing of sequence names fixed
  • HSAML browser: nuc/aa colouring of selected sites in Fasta browser fixed
  • Fasta browser: scrollbars for large datasets enabled (web browser specific)
  • server: flanking spaces around names more thorougly removed

Update 19 March, 2010

  • changed to PRANK version 100311

15--25 October, 2009

  • several bug fixes and improvements

First version 15 October, 2009

For feedback, questions and comments, contact Ari Löytynoja at ari.loytynoja@helsinki.fi.