webPRANK alignment server

webPRANK is an easy-to-use web interface to the PRANK alignment algorithm. It supports all the main features of the command-line program PRANK and includes a powerful alignment browser. webPRANK can also be used to upload and display your existing PRANK alignments.

Test webPRANK now or read the paper describing it.

   The PRANK homepage has moved. The new address is http://wasabiapp.org/software/prank

The data analysed in the paper "An algorithm for progressive multiple alignment of sequences with insertions" (PNAS 102:10557--10562) can be found here.

The simulation data used in the paper "Phylogeny-Aware Gap Placement Prevents Errors in Sequence Alignment and Evolutionary Analysis" (Science 320:1632--1635) can be found here.