Submitting new term request to EFO

By GitHub issue

Our GitHub issue ticketing system provides a channel for EFO user to submit a request or a report with regards to EFO.

You will need to have a GitHub account and be logged in to submit new terms.

By Webulous template

Webulous exploits Google Sheet for batch term request. Users can submit new term request in a spreadsheet format. Once the user fills in the information of new terms on Webulous-embedded Google Sheet. Please create a GitHub issue with the information of the shared spreadsheet URL and the requester's contact. An EFO developer will review the submission and get in touch with the user.

For users who work with a pre-populated Webulous template, it is highly recommended that they observe the validation field (a column of which the cells are marked with a drop-down arrow) and only fill in values that can be validated (i.e. can be selected from the drop-down list, or can be auto-filled). The validation fields that cannot be validated will be marked with a red triangle flag in the top-right corner of the field. If you cannot find the desirable value from the drop-down validated value list, please first create this term either by contacting the source ontology of the validation value or submitting a new term in a separate Webulous template (e.g. filling in a cell line template of which a disease associated to that cell line cannot be found needs a separate Webulous submission via a pre-populated disease template). Failure to conform with this recomendation will result in an axiomatisation that points to a non-classified null class in the output file.

Once you have loaded a template and populated it with some data, you can submit that data back to the Webulous server where you loaded the template. In the Webulous menu, under “Webulous server”, choose “Submit populated template”. A dialog will open showing the address where the data will be submitted, along with two input fields. The first is where you can submit a short message to accompany the submission. This message is optional, but it is advised that you enter something relevant so that the Webulous administrators can easily identify your submission in any future correspondence. The second option is for a URIGen API key, this is only relevant for templates that have an accompanying URIGen server running for new URI creation. The template administrators will advise you on if you need to supply a URIGen API key when you submit new data.

When you are ready, click the submit button and the data will be uploaded to the Webulous server. The app may ask you at this stage to authorise that you e-mail address can be shared with the Webulous server. The e-mail address you use to login to google will be used to send you notifications about your data submission. No other information is collected from your Google account.

Please see the Webulous documentation for more information on how to load a Webulous Template into your Google Sheet.