About SBFC

The Systems Biology Format Converter (SBFC) aims to provide a generic framework to convert a Systems Biology model format into another. The software is written in Java and can be used as a standalone executable or as web service. SBFC is a collaborative project and we hope that developers will provide support for more formats by creating new converter modules.

In order to use this SBFC web application, the user should follow the following steps:

  1. Select the formats for the input and output model s/he wish to convert.
  2. If desired, it is possible to specify an email address to obtain the web-link to the completed results.
  3. Once the input and output model formats have been specified, the user should submit the model(s) to convert. To do this, there are three modes:
    • file upload;
    • model from URL;
    • copy/paste.
    If successfully uploaded, these model files should appear on the table right above the button "Convert!".
  4. Finally, the user should press the button "Convert!", and the results should be available within 72 hours.

For more information about SBFC, please visit the web page: http://sbfc.sourceforge.net/

The standalone version of SBFC can be downloaded at the web page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sbfc/

For general discussions about SBFC, please use the forum: sbfc-forum [at] googlegroups.com

A mailing-list is also available for developers at: sbfc-devel [at] googlegroups.com