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File upload for PDBsum page generation

The form below allows you to upload your own PDB-format file and generate a full set of PDBsum structural analyses for it. (For released PDB entries the PDBsum pages will have already been generated - so please access these via the PDBsum home page).

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Your structure, and its PDBsum data, will be stored in a secure area; access will be password protected. When you submit your structure it will be assigned a new PDBsum identifier of the form xNNN, where x is a letter and NNN is a sequential number. It will then be placed in a queue for the next PDBsum generation run. Currently, these occur every ten minutes.

When the run is complete you will be e-mailed your structure's PDB code and password, plus a direct link to its PDBsum pages. You can then access it either via the direct link or through the PDBsum home page.

The files are usually stored for about 6 months before being deleted. However, they are stored on a partition that is not backed up; so, in principle, they could disappear at any time.

Please note that the file needs to be in standard PDB file format. Files are occasionally submitted in a variety of bizarre formats which only approximate the PDB format. These have, unsurprisingly, failed. You can find documentation describing the PDB format on the wwPDB site on the File Formats page.