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At EMBL-EBI, we use bioinformatics — the science of storing, sharing and analysing biological data — to help people everywhere understand how living systems work, and what makes them change.

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27 Jul 2016 - 27 Jul 2016

Ensembl is a genome browser, offering gene, variation, comparative genomics and regulation data integrated together...

28 Jul 2016 - 28 Jul 2016

This webinar will introduce the OLS system and show how it can be used to find ontologies and ontology terms. We will...

8 Aug 2016 - 9 Aug 2016

This course will provide a quick overview of popular databases and services, as well as the training opportunities...

Latest news

Puzzling out drug response [Graphic concept by Francesco Iorio, Illustration by Spencer Phillips, EMBL-EBI]

Cancer cell lines predict drug response

Patient-derived cancer cell lines harbour most of the same genetic changes found in patients’ tumours, and could be used to learn how tumours are likely to respond to new drugs.

Early embryonic development study by Marioni, Gottgens in Nature, 2016

Anatomy of a decision: mapping early development

A new atlas of gene expression during the earliest stages of life boosts studies of development.

European Union and Union Jack flags

EMBL-EBI and the UK referendum

Statement from our Directors on the impact of the ‘leave’ decision.

Our mission

  • To provide freely available data and bioinformatics services to all facets of the scientific community
  • To contribute to the advancement of biology through basic investigator-driven research
  • To provide advanced bioinformatics training to scientists at all levels
  • To help disseminate cutting-edge technologies  to industry
  • To support, as an ELIXIR node, the coordination of biological data provision throughout Europe.