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The home for big data in biology

At EMBL-EBI, we use bioinformatics — the science of storing, sharing and analysing biological data — to help people everywhere understand how living systems work, and what makes them change.

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21 Feb 2017 - 22 Feb 2017

This workshop has been organised for PhD students within the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, to provide them...

22 Feb 2017 - 22 Feb 2017

Litemol is a new, online macromolecular structure viewer at the PDBe, offering users the chance to easily view PDB and...

24 Feb 2017 - 24 Feb 2017

Using Image-omics to understand the relationship between cell shape and transcription in cancer cells

Latest news

Artist's interpretation of social genetic effects: mice with different sleeping preferences

Genetic makeup of ‘room-mate’ influences health

EMBL-EBI research shows that healing and anxiety are influenced by the genetics of one’s social partners

Animated gif of online AML calculator (tool for research)

Cancer genetics refine treatment decisions

How a knowledge bank could be used to find the best treatment option for people with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Drosophila embryo over sea of noncoding RNA

Buffering mechanism protects embryonic development

EMBL scientists uncover buffering mechanisms that protect an embryo’s development from detrimental effects of genetic variation

Our mission

  • To provide freely available data and bioinformatics services to all facets of the scientific community
  • To contribute to the advancement of biology through basic investigator-driven research
  • To provide advanced bioinformatics training to scientists at all levels
  • To help disseminate cutting-edge technologies  to industry
  • To support, as an ELIXIR node, the coordination of biological data provision throughout Europe.