EMBL-EBI provides freely available data from life science experiments, performs basic research in computational biology and offers an extensive user training programme, supporting researchers in academia and industry.

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'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained by Perica et al.

"Hairclip" protein mechanism explained

Research led by the Teichmann group on the Wellcome Genome Campus has identified a fundamental mechanism for controlling protein function.

Fluidigm and the Single Cell Genomics Centre

Making single-cell biology work

New collaboration between EMBL-EBI, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Fluidigm keeps research and technology on the cutting edge of single-cell genomics.

Anopheles gambiae photo credit: James Gathany, CDC

Highly evolvable, malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Genomes of 16 Anopheles mosquito species sequenced and compared, providing new insights into their dynamic evolution.

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  • To provide freely available data and bioinformatics services to all facets of the scientific community
  • To contribute to the advancement of biology through basic investigator-driven research
  • To provide advanced bioinformatics training to scientists at all levels
  • To help disseminate cutting-edge technologies  to industry
  • To coordinate biological data provision throughout Europe.

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Bioinformatics services

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