The PDB Component Library is a collection of web components for visualization of PDB and related protein structural data.

Advantages :

All the library widgets are developed based on set of standards defined to create customisable and reusable Web-components :

  • Ease of use :
    • Only three simple steps to get started.
    • Little or no programmatic skill required for basic use.
  • Re-usability :
    • Easy to integrate, customise and extend.
  • Isolated :
    • All the component scripts are isolatedly scoped which avoids unwanted spillover code conflicts.
  • Interactive :
    • Components listen and dispatch to custom events enabling inter-component and component-application interactive communication.
  • Consistent user experience :
    • Consistent representation of data leading to consistent user experience.
  • Quick application development :
    • The capability to customise, extend and reuse significantly quickens application development using components.

Released versions :

The following versions are released and available as CDN :

  • version 1.0.0 : stable, minified.

Technologies :

The following Javascript libraries are used for developing the components :

  • AngularJS : for creating custom elements, reusable templates and services.
  • D3.js : for creating SVG based visualisations.

Browser support :

For browser support, aim for content and functionality to be unobstructed on browsers released within the last five years and which have JavaScript enabled.

Browser Version(s)
Chrome 44 and above
Firefox 38 and above
Safari 7.1 and above
IE 11 and above

Contributors :

PDBe NCBR PDB_REDO Protein Contacts Atlas

License :

PDB Component Library is released under The Apache 2.0 license.