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What is dbfetch?

Dbfetch is an abbreviation for "database fetch". Dbfetch provides an easy way to retrieve entries from various databases at the EMBL-EBI in a consistent manner. It can be used from any browser as well as well as within a web-aware scripting tool that uses wget, lynx or similar.


Frequently Asked Questions for Dbfetch.

How to use dbfetch?

How do I cite dbfetch?

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McWilliam H., Li W., Uludag M., Squizzato S., Park Y.M., Buso N., Cowley A.P., Lopez R.(2013) Analysis Tool Web Services from the EMBL-EBI Nucleic Acids Research 41: W597-W600. PubMed Id: 23671338 Abstract DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkt376

How to get support?

First please see if your issue is covered by the Frequently Asked Questions for dbfetch. If your issue is not addressed in the FAQ then please contact us for assistance.